Thank You!

9 Aug

Thank You for all of your support during Summer Camp this year! It was your support that made Camp such a huge success!

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Is sustainable fashion possible?

27 Jul

At Girl Scout Camp it is! Ellen came by this morning and made the cutest bags…. out of bags! Using an iron, the girls were able to melt together layers of old grocery bags to make a fabric. Then, they cut out their pattern and used the sewing machines to make the bags. They are SO cute. and sustainable. Let’s hear it for GREEN Girl Scouts!

We are busy here at Camp this week! We’ve already made aprons, reusable market bags, duct tape purses and we are starting on some super cool hats! There’s lots to do and lots of fun to be had with all these Future Fashionistas!

Beaver’s Band Box Invades Girl Scout Camp!

23 Jul

Toby and Jessica from Beaver’s Band Box were awesome enough to stop by Day Camp today and teach the girls about different kinds of instruments! The girls got to experiment on percussion, woodwind and string instruments and they had a blast! Afterwards, Toby gave us a special performance on his guitar and totally rocked the house (even though he didn’t know any Hannah Montana)! THANK YOU Beaver’s Band Box for coming and putting on such an amazing program for the girls! Check out some highlights:

Just Some Moments

22 Jul

Everyone needs a little music in their lives…

20 Jul

Beaver’s Band Box is coming to Girl Scout Camp! Thursday, the girls will get to experiment with a variety of brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments! In the meantime, check out Beaver’s Band Box for all your instrument, rental, repair, and music lesson needs!

The Divas have entered the building!

20 Jul

24 of them in fact. The creativity was definitely flowing at camp today! We started out the day with some improv exercises and then they buckled down to do some characters analysis exercises for their performance on Friday. One of the groups is writing a mystery that sees one of our PA’s kidnapped by a giant bubble! The other group is creating a musical number about time travel!! You won’t want to miss the performances on Friday, but if you do- of course I’ll have video up! Cat also came out and made some super duper cute hair accessories! Here’s some pictures from today:

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Singing… but not in the Rain…

17 Jul

We all know that songs are a big part of Summer Camp. They’re fun, they keep the energy flowing and well… its just cool to be silly! Here are a few of the favorites from this Summer performed by 2 of our PA’s, Olive and Pinky, with the help of the Blue and Yellow groups! Comment with your favorite camp songs- we’ll teach ’em, record ’em and stick ’em online for you to enjoy!